I’m just trying to “CREATE” my life

Wow! What a day. I didn’t wake up as early as I would have liked, especially when it accords to my personal goals for 2011! I’m having this issue every morning for that matter! But I can say this, since I’ve made it a concrete goal to begin my day early, I have been waking up much earlier than I’ve averaged throughout my whole life(NOON!)! I just need to strategize how I’ll adhere to my target time (8AM). I believe that although I can be hard on myself I’m actually making progress. Writing down my goals and obtaining an accountability partner has definitely helped measure my success! Shout out to Keisha! They say 21 days of practicing a habit makes it a staple. So I guess I’ve got to be a little less hard on myself considering I haven’t been a morning person for like 23 years LOL!
So, at the beginning of the year or the end of 2010, I should say, I began brainstorming and recording what I’d like to accomplish for the year. I didn’t necessarily like the idea of naming it a “New Year’s Resolution” because the term itself is so cliché and usually goes abandoned. I called it my “Action Plan”. Mainly because any accomplishment or form of success is “Action packed”. You can’t get much done if you aren’t actually doing it, right? I just got tired of saying I was going to do something and never following through. Like, I’ll be 25 next year!
This brings me on to my next RISKY but crucial step in life. Taking a dream and vision I have and going ALL the way with it! I’ve recently studied for and passed my Real Estate Sales Person Exam and got a great gig at WeRentCentralMass as a Leasing and Sales Agent. I absolutely love the atmosphere, the people, and the assertive demeanor of my boss! It’s great! I see the success of many of my surrounding colleagues and it shows me the possibilities of what could be for me. This comes to my next issue; I have a regular full time job that feels more like shackles than the said “job security” it perceives as, only because it is a “guaranteed” form of income! But is it really guaranteed? I could be laid off like many of the other American citizens, who has thus far fallen victim of the recent financial collapse. To add insult to injury, the States themselves are now in the midst of a looming crisis and facing budget shortfalls and deficits. The first things to be cut when States begin to downgrade are Subsidized Programs and Social Services! I’ll be losing this job soon enough as it is! But for some reason, it’s so hard for me to take the plunge and just do it! On a positive note, my desire to succeed in the Rental Market is accelerating and turning this “fear of quitting” into a reality of risk! Sometimes you’ve just got to do what’s uncomfortable to get what you actually want out of life! And please believe, once it becomes my only form of income, I’m pouring my soul completely into it because I don’t want an ordinary life!
Well, It’s 1:34AM 1/15/2011 and I got out of work at 11:00PM 1/14/2011! And without saying many words, I’M BEAT! Creating at least one blog a week is an actual goal of mine for this year so I absolutely had to accomplish this even if it meant missing out on a couple of hours of sleep! I’m going to bed now, Goodnight!

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Have The Accepted Norms Become National “Intelligence”?

Is life as deep as the Pacific, all 13,215 feet? Or is it simple monotony. An arduous yet constructive existence, on your day to day, time clocked in and making your daily limit. Is it opportunistic and as fast paced as tesla rays? Is it filled with blood, young and old, ready to accomplish the many of what the world has to offer? Are those who have, really abundant? Are those who have not, just under-performing? Are those current events as action packed as reported or are those information exporters, really contorters? Or even hoarders? Does N. Korea fire missles and should we protect our borders? Do we have a say in this god given world or are we cornered? Who’s giving orders? Is this the world of the free, the world of you and me, or is this amberless globalisation a clandestine illumination?
So many questions and the solutions are out there, yet the authorities selectively listen. Can anyone go as far to say that they select the mission?
Are we as great as we are? Are we as great as we can be? Does our potential abate to the lesser exponential? The human civilization, so simplistically boxed into our own minds. Easily misguided with popular anecdotes and a trendy sublime. So awesome we be says ancient texts which exposes the mind of psychi technology. Although complex intelligence was alot more brick and mortar, all trapped in that great skull within our two greatest hempispheres. Our corpus collosum communicates our external and internal in accuracy if we gave it permission. Or if they gave it permission.
Do we ponder and believe what we receive with our maximum capabilities? Or to say the least, do we just perceive? It’s frightening to comprehend the blunt reality that minor mass marketing schemes can tunnel such a complex system as the human think tank. How our frequencies can be derailed and sentenced to life all for nothing.
Should we care about the interest rates at 0, and inflation manipulated yet at record highs? Wait what, I forget sometimes that these numbers are all made up. I suppose, I am just a kook or a theorist with my tin foil hat on! I speak so unpolitically correct that I am incorrect. Although, I do have some facts to present. They are declassified, recorded and documented, but go ahead, debunk them! Although, you must be right, Sean and Hannity agrees with you! Oh…. Wait…. Hold on…. Sean and Hannity informed you? So how much of your opinion is actually yours? Because see, I read views, at all angles, even those I find absolutely absurd…. …….Although, it’s nothing but some words.
Philosophically speaking, reason formulates my curiosity thus creating intense ponders which sparks the debate. Like, could every single one of us just really be crazy? Or could every single one of them just be so damn naive! I Don’t Know! But It’s dangerous….
All we can keep doing is encouraging self suffiency, promoting happiness, health and wealth before another law is passed telling us that we need to apply for a permit to do so.

God Bless America.


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Today’s a great day!

Today’s a great day!

Why? Because, with that mentality, IT TRULY IS!

I can’t begin to tell you all of the problems I currently have in my life. I could sit here and stress over them and allow them to compound on my mood, thus, furthering an undesirable situation.  I learned from Jack Canfield that your thoughts become real things. Everything we think, we manifest! Especially the bad things! I’ve learned to reflect on all of my negative situations as just that, a situation, that will pass. Even find the opportunity in it all, atleast try!

 Ever noticed after what you thought was a horrible predicament, actually turned out to be the blessing in disguise you never expected? Create that blessing with your thoughts!  The only missing link to this situation is my reaction to the situation at hand. What can I do to give me that positive outlook in the tunnel of adversity? I compare the greatest innovations, ideas, concepts, and any simple thought that became a creation and it inspires me to create. It inspires me to create my reality. It inspires me to stare at my problems as challenges and opportunities to come out an expert and a jack of a new trade, albeit, unintentionally. We must take life by the HORNS and think on our feet. Don’t shut down, give up, or suspend yourself because of external influences. Take responsibility of your life! How will YOU fix YOUR situation?  Act on those great new, positive, optimistically advanced thoughts, which will help you come up with the solution to your great new challenge in life. Remember, dwelling on it, complaining about it and destroying your health with the stress packaged into these emotions isn’t going to put you in a greater space. Positive productive thoughts will!

Choose your thoughts wisely!

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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